Space saving hacks for your small home

A closet built into a wall with a rod for hanging clothes and cupboards for storage.

My guest blogger is Sophia Perry from Arizona Moving Professionals

Small homes can be tricky when you have many things you need to store. However, you may have more storage space than you realize. Maximizing your home’s storage space can be much easier than it seems at first. With minimal upgrades and these space-saving hacks, your small home will be transformed. Moreover, you won’t have to stress as much over the lack of space in your home. The final result will have your home looking bright and airy, which is something every homeowner strives for.

Use vertical space

In every small home, vertical space is the best way to store things. Vertical storage solutions are fantastic, as you will not have to sacrifice any floor space to gain additional room for storage. They are also some of the most affordable home upgrades you can make. Open wall shelves, door hangers, and bike racks for walls can save a lot of space in your small home. If you are looking to divide the space, use a divider that doubles as a shelving unit. This way, you’ll get to separate the areas and make them feel bigger. In addition to this, you will find the divider useful because it will be a great way to store things. You can also decorate it so that it ties the whole room together.

Utilize every corner of your home

If you find a way to use every corner of our home, you will have enough room for storage. Add built-in shelves for the narrow corner between closets to make the most out of the space. Fill it with smaller items such as books and decor. These will now have a designated area, making your room look much better. Underneath some beds is an empty space that can be used for storage. Simply packing things in bags and putting them underneath isn’t the way to go. You can easily organize this space and make it easy to use with roll-out drawers specifically designed for this space. This is a fantastic solution for extra pillows and linens you don’t have the space for in your closet. These things are easily accessible without ruining the room’s overall look.

A wooden shelf with books on top and a rod underneath that holds a hanging shelf.
Vertical space is very important in small homes

Space-saving storage hacks for small kitchens

Cooking in a small kitchen can be annoying if it is cluttered. If you own an extensive collection of mugs and other dishes, you can display them to save space. Use vertical hangers for all of your fanciest cups so that they can be on display. You can use high-quality packing materials if you are relocating into a new, small home and don’t want them to get damaged. To keep your fragile items safe, let a reliable team handle transport for your next long-distance move from Toronto. In the kitchen, you can use your fine china as decor saving cupboard space for the things you use every day.

Open shelving is a great storage solution for narrow spaces. And in a small home, you want to use as much of it as possible. Closed storage solutions, like many cupboards, can make your kitchen feel smaller. But installing open shelving instead can be the right solution for this.

Furthermore, you can even use the ceiling to create more space in your kitchen. Hang the cooking utensils and pots you use the most above the kitchen counters or the kitchen island. They will now be easily accessible and simultaneously make more room in your cupboards and drawers.

A wall mounted mug rack to hold coffee mugs
One of the best space-saving hacks you can use is to hang mugs on the wall

Organize your closet in a smart way

You may be surprised to see how much room you can make in your closet with a little reorganization. By reorganizing a little bit, you will have more room for all your clothes. A shoe organizer for your door is great for smaller shoes, such as sandals and flip-flops. Moreover, it can be an excellent way to store accessories like belts and necklaces. To organize your shoe collection:

  1. Use a variety of shoe racks.
  2. Separate them if you can so they don’t get damaged by the weight of the other shoes.
  3. Use vacuum bags for seasonal clothes like winter jackets that you won’t have to use for a few months.

This way, you’ll save space and keep the things you use regularly at your fingertips.

Turn the stairs into a storage solution

Another smart way to make more storage space in your tiny home is to use your staircase as a storage solution. You can achieve this in several different ways. One way would be to turn each step into a drawer for storage. This excellent idea is great for smaller things and seasonal shoes. It can be beneficial because the staircase is usually close to the entry door. Another way is to maximize the space underneath the staircase by making a custom built-in closet or a set of drawers. This is the perfect place for storing your coats and sporting equipment. Now, your sporting equipment is easily accessible and stays hidden when not used. However, before you begin renovating your new home, experts from Centennial Moving advise you to declutter. You may need less space than you think at first.

A person sitting on a bed decluttering  pants and shirts.
Declutter before you move so you can have more space in your new home

Summing up these space-saving hacks

Even though your home may be small, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the storage room you need. By using smart, space-saving hacks for your home, you will have enough space for all of your things. These hacks and solutions will make your small home feel bigger and brighter in the process. In addition, if you ever run out of space, you can always use a storage unit for all your seasonal items. Finally, it’s all about combining various hacks and storage solutions to create a smart home that’s well-organized and clutter-free to suit your personality and lifestyle.

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