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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is the schedule for the course?

Each course is different. Check the course page for details.

#2. What if I have a hoarding disorder?

These courses are not for people with hoarding disorder.

#3. What if I am chronically disorganized?

These courses are not for chronically disorganized people.

#4. I am ashamed of being disorganized, what if others find out?

There is no shame in being disorganized.  Everyone has different skills and strengths.  Being organized is just a series of skills that can be learned.  People will only find out that you are enrolled in these courses if you choose to tell them.  It is a confidential relationship. After all, we can’t all be good at everything. Enrolling in these courses can help you have the kind of home you want, there is no shame in that.

#5. What if I can’t do the physical organizing in my room?

You will need to have a family member or friend work with you.  You will use all the processes taught in the course and they will be there to support you by removing and packing up the items you no longer need, love or use. They will help you store items for ease and access.

#6. What if I am working with a therapist ?

Having a team to support you is fantastic.  You can join these courses.  Let the therapist know about the course.

#7. What if I am not very good with technology?

You need to have a computer, tablet or smart phone to get your course material.  It is up to you if you want to join the Facebook group.

#8. What if I am having trouble decluttering or organizing the room? Can I get additional support?

You can book a one-on-one virtual organizing appointment. We will use zoom and I will be with you while you are working in the room to help guide, support and coach you through the decluttering or organizing process. A one-hour session is $55.00. Email me and we will set up a date that suits our schedules.

#10. Is there a payment plan?

No, payment can be made on PayPal. We can discuss the need for a payment plan on an individual basis.

#11. What if I need to extend the course?

You will receive all the materials by the end of the course and can continue to work on them at your own speed.

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Moving from unorganized to unstoppable

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