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I have had careers as an elementary school teacher, gymnastic coach, sessional university instructor, day-care teacher and office assistant. I have 3 children that I have moved numerous times. All of these experiences have given me lots of organizing skills. In 2006 I decided to put those skills to good use and started Mind over Clutter Professional Organizing and Coaching Services. When I began I would speak with clients about their goals and we would start working to declutter and organize their things. I soon learned it is never about the stuff it is always about the mind. My clients needed an approach to get started and leave the overwhelm and anxiety behind. So I developed courses because I enjoy sharing ideas and teaching. You can take these steps with me and get your mind in the right place to get your things in the best place.

Meet the Author

Julie Stobbe a Trained Professional Organizer,

Gold Leaf member of Professional Organizers in Canada,

a lifestyle organizing coach,

speaker, author and blogger.

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Julie Stobbe

I help people remove distracting clutter, build routines to make life easier and manage their time. I support, guide and coach them through the changes they want to make so they have control of their physical space and can take the next step to get control of their life.

I am a Trained Professional Organizer and Coach. I have a level one certificate in Chronic Disorganization from the Institute of Challenging Disorganization and a certificate from Toastmasters. I enjoy sharing tips and articles on my Mind over Clutter Facebook page to help people gain the knowledge they need to get organized.

These courses have been a dream of mine to offer to help people by giving them the knowledge and support they need to Create an Organized Home and move From Clutter to Freedom

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What Our Students Have to Say

Julie was very helpful and informative while we were working together. She had lots of very useful and practical ideas. She was very supportive throughout the whole process and made the process very comfortable. Working with Julie has helped me to understand how I can best use the resources that I already have and how I can rearrange the way I am using my current storage to make it more efficient. Julie was able to help me understand how using professional organizing in all areas of my life can be beneficial. She helped me to think about using her services in other areas of my life, not just getting clutter cleaned up.


Julie’s expertise has been invaluable to me. For a variety of reasons beyond my control,  my work/office spaces and my home spaces became both unproductive and uncomfortable. Though hesitant at first to admit that I needed ‘help’ in this area, I knew within the first hour of working with Julie that she would be ‘worth every penny…and more!’ Julie has virtually transformed the way that I work and play by creating new surroundings that fit my needs.  Julie’s work includes revamping personal ‘spaces’ that are devoid of meaning, into personal ‘places’ that exude ownership and pride. It results in more free time and a much better frame of mind for you.  It is my distinct pleasure to endorse Julie’s service, and specifically, her business practices as well. She is courteous, honest and extremely diplomatic. 


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