The Importance of decluttering before the move

My guest blogger today is Sophia Perry from Arizona Moving Professionals.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to get ready for a move. Frequently, you don’t realize how much packing and cleaning you need to do until you’re in the heat of it. However, one of the best ways to prepare is by clearing the clutter in your house before relocating. That way, you may save time, effort, and money while making packing easier. Additionally, your moving company will appreciate your efforts. Therefore, read on to discover the importance of decluttering before the move and how it can help make your relocation a breeze.

Decluttering before the move can help you sell the house faster

Homes that look neat sell more quickly. Ask any real estate agent, home stager, or professional organizer. Without all the clutter in your home, you may portray a neat, polished image of your house. That appeals to purchasers much better than a crowded home. Additionally, adding simple finishing touches like fresh paint or decorations will be much simpler.

A person putting a sold sign for a house.
A clean and clutter-free home will sell faster.

Save time and energy during the move

If you’ve ever left a house after many years or seen someone else do it, you know it can be frightening. The amount of things we may gather just by going about our regular lives is quite astounding. When the time comes, the packing will be simpler if you go through every room in your home and get rid of everything that is no longer useful to you. Not to mention that if you hire packing services in Toronto, experts can give you a hand with much more ease. Furthermore, when time is of the essence, you’ll save a lot since you won’t have to decide what remains or leaves on the spot.

Making an inventory will be easier

Decluttering before the move might help you find treasures you have missed over the years. Additionally, once you’ve settled into your new house, you’ll know what to buy—and what not to buy—to ensure you have all you need to live a fulfilling life. Moreover, you could discover that you can sell or give away items before relocating when you do an inventory of everything you own. You may even make some money by selling your spare items, which you could use to decorate the new place or pay for the relocation. Alternatively, you might brighten someone else’s life by giving away things that are still in excellent shape but are essentially worthless to you.

Woman making a decluttering checklist surrounded by boxes.
Decluttering before the move will make keeping an inventory of your belongings easier.

You can make more space

You have some furniture or stuff you seldom use but find it difficult to part with. We are sure of it! Unfortunately, they occupy space that you could be using far more effectively. So, make a fresh start in your new home and eliminate the clutter that has stuffed your old home. For instance, recycle outdated appliances that only function half the time or clothing you keep wishing you’d wear someday. If you’re relocating to a smaller flat, decluttering is exceptionally important. It will keep your new space from becoming overly crowded. You may have additional wardrobe space or a vacant room with a little effort.

Decluttering reduces stress and improves your well-being

Although it might seem odd, decluttering can enhance your health and happiness. Homes that are stuffy and messy make many people feel more stressed. Additionally, clutter frequently makes finding the items you need more challenging, distracting you from your work and causing frustration. Furthermore, despite your best efforts, it might be challenging to maintain a tidy home with so many things around. Not to mention that those piles of belongings increase the likelihood of mold, vermin, and dust developing, exacerbating allergies and asthma.

On the other hand, you will have more than only a healthier atmosphere if you organize your living area. After getting rid of all the extra items, you’ll feel more at ease, content, and in control.

Spot issues with ease

As mentioned before, having lots of items increases the likelihood of safety issues. Therefore, when you declutter, these issues may come to light. For instance, you may find anything from moldy lotion containers and half-opened bottles to expired food cans and rusty paint tins. As a result, thoroughly decluttering and cleaning to find any hidden issues will make your house more appealing to potential buyers. You don’t want a potential buyer to see the old rag you left under the bathroom sink.

Make space for new ideas

It might be challenging to let go of something you’ve had for a long time. However, it will be freeing when you eventually dare to let go. Furthermore, you will have more room and energy to welcome fresh ideas into your life if your home and thoughts are free of useless objects. For instance, your half-empty closet may motivate you to experiment with more fashionable clothes. Or having less furniture in the living room might result in a completely different decor style than you were used to.

A person looking at some clothes.
Decluttering your closets will make space for new additions.

Unpacking will be easier

Decluttering before the move shows its benefits even after the relocation. For instance, you’ll quickly finish unpacking because you won’t have as many items to arrange in your new house. In addition, you won’t have to spend weeks attempting to unpack if you bring nicely set boxes loaded with things you’ve previously sorted. All you have to do is start organizing by putting the appropriate boxes in each room.

Final words

Our homes fill up with things we don’t need, want, or use over time. Therefore, it might be challenging to know where to begin when it comes to dealing with the clutter once it is time to relocate. However, remember that decluttering eases the stress of packing, increases mental focus, and conserves essential resources like time, money, and energy. As a result, never neglect the importance of decluttering before the move. And trust us! You will thank yourself when you get rid of all the clutter crowding your home and thoughts. Also, if you need a hand in organizing your move, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

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